The overall Advantage and Importance of Mobile Notary are perhaps best summed up in two words: Accountable and Communicative. When I am signing documents for a witness, it is important to have the accountabilities and the ability to communicate with the witness as needed. I know that this is something that is most important to me.

It is not only the witness who will benefit from the ability to communicate; the witness becomes an independent contractor in many cases. They are no longer tied to a set protocol, nor do they have to worry about whether their signature is valid. When someone is being interviewed in a secure location, they are able to keep track of the interview.

This allows the witness to request alternative documentation that may be helpful to them in the future. They can even take questions and get answers that might be required.

If there are family members available to take the deposition, they can gain additional experience when requesting additional information. You may have two people available who you feel would be able to collect signatures and ask questions, but if you have just one person that you are handling everything yourself, it is far more advantageous to have the two people to help out.

When conducting the official act of depositing documents, there will be many cases where you will receive a few different court documents that all contain the same information. I would recommend calling them all up and reviewing them in a good old fashion manner. It is the process that you have developed with your family member that has allowed them to become a trusted independent witness for many.

I know that I like to ask the question, “Who did I sign for?” a few times during my conversations with the witness. That question often needs to be answered before moving on. You have the right to leave things that way, but having a tangible piece of paper means that you will always be able to look back at the document that you have signed.

In some cases, you can agree upon a document and continue in the same way; that way you don’t even need to get out your pen or pencil. Other times, though, you need to make sure that you have clearly marked that your signature is on that document. If you aren’t clear about this, you could find yourself in a situation where you would lose your job because you have signed the wrong document.

Your independent legal counsel may give you the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if the documentation is correct or not. It could come down to a matter of being very careful.

Notarizations must be properly documented. It is a bit of an art form, but it is a very important art form.

Because of the highly sensitive nature of this legal process, you must use your best judgment. You need to be in complete control of what is going on. You also need to be aware of what has been done to your witness.

When it comes to cross-examination, if your witness has been placed under undue pressure or pressured, there may be potential risks to your witness. A particularly long or drawn-out deposition is likely to raise issues regarding their credibility, especially if their emotions are involved.

These types of situations are not uncommon and you want to be sure that your witness knows how to manage them. Do not let your expectations set the tone for the entire deposition.